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We are North Queensland's largest Retailer of South Africa's favourite brands, products and delicacies. ​Our aim is to make South African products accessible to anyone, anywhere in Australia.​ Our goal is to provide a friendly, family based store with great pricing and a central location.

Biltong Shack is owned and operated by Les and Simone Herselman and we welcome you aboard our online shopping site. Coming from South Africa we realise how important it is to immigrants to enjoy the tastes of Africa that we have all grown up with. Our aim is to ensure you are able to get what you want when you want it and hopes to enable you to enjoy the tastes of Africa that you love.


When we introduce Aussie mates to our tasty foods and drinks they always return for more. Our Aussie customers are open minded and a great support, we appreciate you all.





We operate a SafeFood accredited retail and wholesale meat processing facility in Townsville.  We produce Jerky / Biltong Sticks, DryWors, Boere Wors and more. We constantly develop and adding exciting new products to our already huge range. Jou are welcome to come into our store and taste some of our products.


We stock foods such as Maize meal (pap) Mrs Ball's chutney, Ouma Rusks, Bakers Biscuits, Simba chips, Spur sauces, Steers sauces and marinades as well as Jerky / Biltong, DryWors, Boerewors, koeksisters and samoosas. We  also sell South African liquor as part of a gift basket. 

Should you have a product request, contact us with as much detail as possible including the Manufacturer's name, product details. We will then try and source it for you.

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